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Our Medical Translation Services

The scientific language required for medical translation can be difficult. So, not every translator can do medical document translation. Medical translation is a specialised field that requires training and expertise. That is why you should consider Translation Services Malaysia. We provide thorough medical translation services in Malaysia.

We provide medical translation across a wide range of areas. And we pride ourselves on attention to detail in all medical document translation. From the selection of your project manager to the final proofread. We guarantee a quality service that you can trust.

Translation Services Malaysia provide medical translation services in Malaysia to:
– Pharmaceutical companies
– Clinical research organisations
– Manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices
– Surgeons and doctors
– Healthcare providers
– Biotechnology companies
– Individuals and more
If you are in need of medical document translation, look no further. Translation Services Malaysia provide a full range of medical translation services in Malaysia.

Types of Medical Document Translation Offered

Medical translation is a highly specialised field. When you are looking for medical translation services in Malaysia it is more than just translating words. Our translators understand specific medical terminology required. We ensure nothing is ever lost in translation.
Our medical document translation services include:
– Hospital Medical reports
– Clinical trial reports
– Lab test reports
– Medical marketing materials
– Medical data sheets
– Medical product labels
– Medical manuals
– And much more

Our Medical Translation Area of Expertise

The team of translators at Translation Services Malaysia are highly skilled. We have a extensive medical document translation experience.  We undertake ongoing medical terminology training. So we always know what is happening and changing in the field. Many of our translators are qualified medical professionals.
– General Medicine
– Cardiology
– Gastroenterology
– Infectious Diseases
– Neurology
– Gynaecology
– Oncology
– Orthopaedics
– Paediatrics
– Radiology
– Surgery
– Toxicology
– Urology
– And more
If you have any medical document you need translated, we can assist. Even if it is not on the list, please get in touch with us. Our team have an extremely wide skill set to cover all areas of medical document translation.

Languages of Medical Translation We Offer

Translation Services Malaysia offers a wide array of international languages. We can translate medical documents into languages such as: Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and more. We have translators operating in all the major Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages. If you are unsure if we offer the language you need, please contact our friendly team.

Our Medical Translation Service Quality

Our medical translation services in Malaysia are delivered to the highest quality. We understand that medical document translation requires precision and accuracy. We operate with a full understanding of the law in Malaysia and in the country of the document you are translating.

Our team of fully qualified and certified translators have the highest grasp of scientific language. We also have multi-level quality control. That means your documents are always comprehensive.

Translation Services Malaysia always protects your privacy. So your medical translation is always in the safest hands. And your sensitive information is always handled correctly.

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